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Records Management (Deeds)





*Official Public Record from 1997 - current is available online




The Walker County Clerk's Office Deed Room Records


Records from 1846 - 1985 are in specific record series.  All record series include indexes.

Deed Record

Mortgage Record

Deed of Trust

Mechanic's Lien

Lis Pendens


Survey Record


Probate Record from - 1846 - mid 1990

Probate Records from mid 1990 - (Current are available from the Probate Department)


Small Estates - Older record (Current are available from the Probate Department)


Commissioner Court Minutes

County Court Minutes

Abstract of Judgment of Record

Federal Tax Lien

State Tax Lien

Marks and Brands

Bill of Sale Record

Election Record (Up to Mid 2001 when Elections were conducted by the Elections Department)

Hospital Lien


*various small miscellaneous record series


Official Public Record begins on January 1, 1986.  All records (other than Probate/Civil/Criminal) are recorded into the Official Public Ex:  Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Liens, Affidavits, etc. 


Digitization Project - Under Construction

Electronic Conversion - 1996 to 1961 existing microfilm to images.

Back Conversion - 1960 to Volume A of Deed Records.

Re-indexing real property records from 1961 back to Volume A.


Deed Records are located on the 1st Floor, Room 103



Physical and/or Mailing Address for Documents:

Walker County Clerk
1100 University Ave - Suite 103

Huntsville, Texas 77340

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