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Records Management (Deeds)

Address for Documents

Walker County Clerk
1100 University Ave
Suite 103
Huntsville, Texas 77340

Deed Room Records 

  • Records from 1846 - 1985 are in specific record series.  All record series include indexes.

  • Deed Record / Mortgage Record / Deed of Trust / Mechanic's Lien / Lis Pendens

  • Plats / Survey Record

  • Probate Record from - 1846 - mid 1990

  • Probate Records from mid 1990 - (Current are available from the Probate Department)

  • Small Estates - Older record (Current are available from the Probate Department)

  • Commissioner Court Minutes / County Court Minutes / Abstract of Judgment of Record / Federal Tax Lien / State Tax Lien / Marks and Brands

  • Bill of Sale Record / Election Record (Up to Mid 2001 when Elections were conducted by the Elections Department)
    *various small miscellaneous record series

  • Official Public Record begins on January 1, 1986.  All records (other than Probate/Civil/Criminal) are recorded into the Official Public Ex:  Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Liens, Affidavits, etc. 

To Search Records from 1960 to Current Click on the Walker County Seal

Digitization Project

  • Electronic Conversion - 1996 to 1961 existing microfilm to images.

  • Back Conversion - 1960 to Volume A of Deed Records.

  • Re-indexing real property records from 1961 back to Volume A.

  • Deed Records are located on the 1st Floor, Room 103

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