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Crime Scene Investigation

The Walker County Sheriffs Office, Investigative Services Division includes a highly trained Crime Scene Investigator/ Property and Evidence Technician, Crime Scene Investigator Kennille Phelps.

The primary function of this position is to collect and examine forensic evidence in connection to criminal acts and to store and preserve such property or evidence until it can be properly disposed of or returned to the rightful owner.

This function is accomplished by responding to crime scenes and conducting examinations of the scene for forensic evidence such as, but not limited to, latent fingerprints, trace evidence, and ballistic evidence. The scene will be photographed, evidence collected, measurements taken, all for the purpose of being able to recreate the crime scene at a later date in a courtroom environment, if necessary. Some of the evidence collected will be processed by the Crime Scene Investigator with our department. Other evidence may be submitted to an outside laboratory for various types of analysis. The Crime Scene Investigator is also responsible for documenting the findings and testifying in a court of law to those findings.

Additionally, various types of property and evidence are submitted daily by members of the Uniform Services Division and other investigators of the department for the purpose of being processed, examined, or stored. It is the responsibility of CSI Phelps to properly ensure those items are also correctly processed, stored, and to document the examinations and results of the analysis.

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