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The Walker County Sheriffs Office's Narcotics Division was developed by Sheriff Clint McRae in 2005 to address the consumption, manufacturing and distribution of illegal narcotics in the Walker County area.

The Narcotics Division works in conjunction with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance, undercover operations and interdiction to identify and apprehend individuals involved in the trafficking of illegal narcotics.

Since the development of this division, the Walker County Sheriff's Office has successfully conducted more narcotics related arrests on an annual basis than ever before in its history.

The Sheriff Office's canine program is also under Narcotics.

The Sheriff Office's Uniform Services Division also plays a very essential role in combating the narcotics problem within our community as well

To submit information to the Narcotics Division please contact the division at phone number (936) 435-2431 or use the form below.

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