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Walker County S.R.T. - Special Response Team is a small team made up of deputies who are highly trained to respond to threats that are beyond the realm of traditional police officer training and expectation.

The Walker County Special Response team is a support resource within the Sheriff's Office. It shall be responsive to the needs of the entire Sheriff's Office, and shall also be available to any local, regional, state or federal law enforcement agency upon request and approval of the Sheriff or his/her designated representative.

The services of the Walker County Special Response team are specifically directed towards situations of demonstrated violence and force, or potential violence and force recognized as necessitating a disciplined team effort utilizing specialized training, tactics and equipment.

The Walker County Special Response team provides highly trained personnel for instances where marksmanship and skills are required to effectively handle hostile and violent criminal activities, entries into buildings that are occupied by armed individuals, and hostage situations.

The Walker County Special Response team consists of an entry team and sniper teams. The team members undergo a regular training regimen to maintain a high level of proficiency in highly technical firearms tactics, modern tactics, and general fitness. The Walker County Special Response team attends annual Texas Tactical Police Officer training throughout the state of Texas, as well as monthly training sessions involving specialized critical incident scenarios and weapons handling.

The Walker County Special Response team shall be committed to community and officer safety.

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