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The following are a list of questions frequently asked of our staff. Please feel free to browse the questions and answers and if you don't find your question or if the answer is not clear, please contact our Department.
--Where is your department located?
Where is your department located?
The Department consists of one central office located in Walker County and three satellite offices located in Grimes, Madison, and Leon County and serves the District and County Courts in each county. Address and contact information may be viewed by clicking here.
Is there a dress code policy when reporting to my probation officer?
Yes, the Department enforces a dress code policy which can be found here.
What is the difference between "community supervision" and "probation?"
There is no difference; they are interchangable.
I received deferred adjudication, what does that mean?
Deferred Adjudication is one of many different forms community supervision. Deferred adjudication community supervision is granted by the judge after receiving a plea of guilty or nolo contendere. A judgment of guilt is set aside and the defendant placed on probation. So, once a defendant completes a deferred adjudication probationary term, he or she will not receive a conviction for that particular offense. Other types of community supervision include: regular community supervision, pretrial diversion, shock, and bond.
What documents should I bring to my first Office Visit?
The following documents should be in your file:
  • Driver's license or ID
  • Social Security card
  • paycheck stub or other employment verification
  • high school diploma or equivalent
  • Although not required, but recommended, your conditions of probation.
Should your driver's license change for any reason, please provide a copy to your supervision officer. Additionally, any change of employment/residence should be provided to your supervision officer immediately.
Will I be drug tested at every office visit?
Not necessarily unless your conditions of probation order such. However, you must be ready to submit a urine, saliva, and/or breath sample at each office visit.
Does my employer need to know that I'm on probation?
In some cases, your officer is required to notify your employer via "duty to warn." Since this is a case by case issue, you should discuss this with your supervision officer.
What should I do when I receive a prescription medication from my doctor?
Since you will be tested for drugs, it is important to understand that some prescription medications will show up in the urine sample. Therefore, it is recommended that you give a copy of your prescription to your supervision officer to be maintained in a confidential file. Please keep in mind that you may need to provide additional medical verification to your officer especially if the medical condition impedes your ability to perform community service or any other condition of your probation.
Where can I perform my community service hours?
Your supervision officer has a list of locations where you can complete your court-ordered community service. To prevent over crowding and to afford you a better chance to complete your community service, your officer or community service coordinator will refer you to a particular location. You should complete your community service at that location unless you have made prior arrangements with your supervision officer or community service coordinator (Walker and Grimes Counties).
I was assigned community service hours as a condition of probation. Can I "buy out" those hours?
No, you may not "buy" out community service. However, food donations may be made to food pantries. You should speak with your probation officer for specific details.
How do I pay my court-ordered fees?
Fees ordered by the Courts may be paid to the Probation Department in the same county where you were sentenced. You may send your payment, pay in person, or pay online. Money orders, cashier checks, credit/debit cards, and cash are accepted; NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Do NOT send cash via mail.  If authorized, you can click HERE to pay your fees online.  For more information about paying your fees online, click HERE.
Can I travel outside of the county/state?
For those sentenced out of Walker, Grimes, Madison, and Leon Counties, all travel out of county and state must be approved by the Court and/or the Supervision Officer. For travel during the weekend, please give your officer enough notice to prepare the written consent needed for that travel; you will be required to report to the Probation Department to sign that travel permit.
What happens if I miss my appointment/office visit?
Please understand that missing your office visit is a violation of your conditions of probation. If you have missed an appointment, it is YOUR responsibility to contact your officer immediately. Depending on the circumstances and officer availability, your office visit may be rescheduled.
Can I bring my children to office visits?
Please understand that the Probation Department does not have child care available. Also, keep in mind that you are reporting to a probation department and need to consider that officers in that department often times supervise defendant's who have been placed on probation for violent crimes. Furthermore, it is very difficult to conduct an efficient office visit and address any important items when neither you or the officer can focus. Therefore, bringing children to your office visit is DISCOURAGED. When reporting for a counseling session, children shall not be present. If for some reason, you cannot find childcare, you may contact your officer/counselor and he/she may be able to reschedule your office visit.
What happens if I violate my conditions of probation?
Understand that violating your conditions is a very serious matter which could result in your going to jail. A violation of probation occurs when you fail to follow the conditions ordered by the Court and could result in your going back to Court. If a Motion to Revoke/Adjudicate is filed, then a warrant for your arrest may be issued. There will be a hearing in Court and if it is found by the Court that a violation is true, the Court has the ultimate jurisdiction in deciding punishment which could include incarceration in the county jail, State Jail, or the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, TDCJ.
How do I report someone who is wanted?
To report anyone seen in our Absconder pages, you may contact your local law enforcement, contact Crime Stoppers, and/or send a tip to our Absconder Apprehension Department .

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