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Child Support

The District Clerk's office assists parties with setting up a child support, issues wage withholding, medical support, and spousal support to the employer, address changes for either party and provides payment histories.



District Clerks handled Child Support issues until September 20, 2002 when the federal government issued a mandate requiring all child support in the State of Texas be handled by a centralized processing unit.


Payments are now processed by the Texas Child Support Disbursement Center in San Antonio.

The employer, payee and payor will receive a "Notice of Place of Payment" from TXCSDU and the Order will instruct the paying party to send the payments to:


Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit

P.O. Box 659791

San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791.

Request for Issuance

Direct Payment

Change of Address
Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit Record of Support

Request for Warrant Cancellation- Registry only cases
Termination of Income Withholding Orders on Registry-only (Non-Office of the Attorney General) Child Support Cases


Unfortunately the District Clerk is not longer allowed to process your child support payment. President Clinton signed a Federal law known as the Welfare Reform Act on August 22, l996. That law requires each state to begin processing child support at a central payment office known as the Child Support Disbursement Unit (CSDU). Texas was required to begin operating a CSDU in April, 2000.

The Office of the Attorney General operated the SDU in Texas . It is located in San Antonio .

The District Clerk has received a Notice of Place of Payment stating that your payments have been redirected to the CSDU. You should have received a copy of the Notice informing you, your employer, and the person to whom you pay child support, that payments must be mailed to San Antonio . In the event that you did not receive your Notice, the Notice to the Clerk is sufficient to redirect your payments to the CSDU. Therefore, the Clerk must comply with the Notice and cannot process your payment.

Your payments must now be mailed to San Antonio . Please mail your child support payments to: Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit, P.O. Box 659791 , 78265-9791.

Since your payment is processed in San Antonio , The District Clerk does not have information about the status of you payment. If you have questions or need information about your child support payment, please contact the CSDU at 1-800-252-8014.

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