Election Workers

Election workers are fully trained to (1) prepare the area for voting and open the polls on time, (2) process voters during check-in on the electronic poll books, (3) provide assistance to voters when called upon, (4) and properly close the polls by completing and returning all required paperwork to Election Central.

Who can be an election worker?
You are eligible to work elections if you are:
  • Registered to vote in Walker County
  • You are not an elected official
  • You have good computer skills
  • You have good customer service
  • You enjoy meeting other people and serving the public  
What type of people work as election workers?
Just about everyone! We have everyone from retired citizens to high school students. We have professional individuals that work full-time or part-time; those who are self-employed and stay-at-home parents. Election workers are a very diverse workforce. We are always in need of bilingual election workers as well!
What do election workers do?
Election workers work in their own home precinct and duties include:
  • Arriving at the poll place at 6:00am to set up voting area and prepare for voting;
  • Greeting voters with a friendly smile;
  • Qualifying and checking in voters using electronic poll books;
  • Assisting voters when asked, including those with special needs;
  • Ensure that all laws are followed and the election process is honest as well as organized;
  • Closing polls at 7:00pm (or once the last voter in line has voted), then close out poll place properly;
  • And returning all required forms and equipment to Election Central.


Interested in working elections? Click here to submit your information to our office.


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