Voter Registration

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The Texas Election Code Sec. 12.001 designates the county tax assessor-collector as voter registrar for the county. In Walker County, we maintain records for approximately 30,000 registered voters including accepting new application, issuing new certificates, processing changes, and maintaining the voter registration list for the county and the state. The Voter Registration Department works hand in hand with the Texas Secretary of State's Office for all voter registration information and records.

In the State of Texas, a Qualified Voter:
  • Is 18 years of age or older;
  • Is a United States citizen;
  • Has not been determined by a final judgment to be totally or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote;
  • Has not been finally convicted of a felony or, if so convicted, has (1) fully discharged the person's sentence, including any term of incarceration, parole, or supervision, or completed a period of probation ordered by any court; or (2) been pardoned from the resulting disability to vote;
  • Is a resident of this state; and
  • Is a registered voter.

Am I Registered?


How to Register to Vote
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A voter's application must be submitted at least 30 days before the election date to vote in that election.

NEW to the County or FIRST TIME registered voters:
Voter Registration Application (English and Spanish)
The application must be printed, completed, signed, and mailed to:
Walker County Voter Registrar
(or the voter registrar of the county you live in)
1301 Sam Houston Avenue, Suite 114
Huntsville, Texas 77340
ALREADY REGISTERED, BUT MOVING? You may update your voter registration online.

Learn about becoming a Deputy Voter Registrar in Walker County