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Our Mission

To efficiently, impartially and fairly manage and resolve the variety of controversies and disputes that are filed with and fall under the jurisdiction of this court.  The jurisdiction of this court is determined by the constitution and statute.  It is subject to change by the legislature, but generally speaking, the jurisdiction includes misdemeanor criminal cases, family law cases, class C appeals, civil matters, juvenile matters, mental health cases and probate matters for Walker County.

Our History

The Walker County Court at Law was created in 1977 as a Statutory County Court by the legislature under the Texas Constitution.  The Honorable Joe B. Henderson, Jr. was appointed as the first judge on September 1, 1977 (in office 1977-1980).  The Honorable Jerry A. Sandel was appointed on July 1, 1980 (in office 1980-1981).  The Honorable Ann P. Baker was appointed on August 3, 1981 (in office 1981-1994).  The Honorable Barbara Hale was elected and began her term on January 1, 1995 (in office 1995-2014).  The Honorable Tracy Sorensen was elected and began her term on January 1, 2015 (in office 2015-).

Case Lookup

Get information about a specific individual case by clicking here.  You will need to know the cause number or the exact name of the parties.

Juror Instructions

If you have received a summons for jury, please call the scheduling number, (936) 291-9958, to receive a scheduling message as to whether you need to appear for jury duty.  

If you you want to claim an exemption, or are disqualified, please do the following:

Circle the reason that applies to your situation, sign and date your card and return it to Kari French, whose address can be found on the front of the card.  You may also hand-deliver the card to room 105, 1st floor of the courthouse.  If sending by mail, please remember to put the card in an envelope and apply postage as usual.  

If you qualify for Permanent Exemption from jury duty, you can request to be removed from the list by completing the Permanent Excuse form.

Self-Help Information

  • OCA
  • Texas Court Help
    • Videos and other information in English and Spanish about going through the court system, including information about how to find a lawyer, where to find forms, and how to get ready to go to court. 

  • Texas Law Help
    • Information about different areas of the law for people who are handling their own simple civil legal matter. It also has a Chat service that allows the user to chat with someone who can help.

  • Texas State Law Library
    • The State Law Library web site has Self Help information, forms, and links.  Its Ask a Librarian feature allows users to get legal information from a librarian by email.

  • Civil Hearings


It is always best to have a lawyer.  The law and court proceedings are complicated, and lawyers have legal training. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and options and help get the best result possible in your case. Sometimes even simple matters can have consequences that you are not aware of or do not understand. \