Judicial Collections of Court Fines & Fees, Traffic Fines, etc.

Walker County Collections Department provides many of the courts in Walker County with the means of financial assessment and verification so that an individual may request a payment plan based on their finances in order to pay for fines due in reference to enforcement of a court order. This would include, but not be limited to traffic fines, misdemeanor fines and felony fines.
Payment Plans may be available for outstanding fines and fees after financial assessments and evaluations are completed.  After entering a plea with the appropriate court and completing an application, the Collections Department can provide a payment plan agreement and the support necessary to assist each person in successfully paying fines and fees owed to the county. 
A payment plan application  must be throughly completed including all area codes and phone numbers.  Once completed it may be faxed to 936-436-0435 or emailed to
Payments can be made by credit card through or  
A collection representative may be reached at 936-436-4935 or 936-436-0220 and by email at 
Directions to our offices:  MAP Link