Responsibilities of Public Purchasing

The statutory responsibility of the Purchasing Agent is to purchase all supplies, materials and equipment; to contract for all repairs required or used by the County and to supervise all purchases made on competitive bid. The Purchasing Agent is also responsible for County property and inventory and must annually file with the County Auditor and each member of the Purchasing Board, an inventory of all property on hand and belonging to the County and each subdivision, officer or employee.

Goals of Public Purchasing

  • Purchase quality goods and services

  • Get the best possible price for goods and services

  • Delivery of goods and services when and were needed

  • Assure a continuing supply of needed goods and services

  • Guard against misappropriation of any assets procured

Statement of Purpose

  • Provide the best service possible to all county departments in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Ensure an atmosphere of equality to all vendors without regard to undue influence or political pressures.

  • Protect the interests of the Walker County taxpayers in all expenditures