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Juvenile Services

Walker County Juvenile Services Department is an extension of the Walker County Juvenile Board which shares the same purpose and goals of the Juvenile Justice Code as outlined in Title 3 of the Texas Family Code, specifically:


To provide for the protection of the public and public safety, including:


Appropriate punishment for criminal acts committed by juveniles


To remove, where appropriate, the taint of criminality from children committing certain unlawful acts;


To provide for the care, protection and wholesome moral, mental, and physical development of children coming under its provisions


To protect the welfare of the community and to control the commission of unlawful acts by children


To achieve the foregoing purposes within the scope of keeping a child in their home and family environment whenever possible, removing the child from their home only when necessary for the child's and the community's best interest and welfare; and


To provide a simple judicial procedure through which the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Code are executed and enforced.

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