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Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Judge Mark W. Holt

Justice of the Peace Courts are part of the state judicial system. Justice of the Peace serve both as Judges and Magistrates. As Judges, they preside over Class C Misdemeanor criminal cases, punishable by fine only. The also preside over Small Claim, Debt Claim, Eviction and Repair and Remedy cases, where the amount in controversy does not exceed $10,000.00 .

As magistrates, the Justice of the Peace issues arrest warrants, search warrants and seizure warrants. They conduct administrative and magistrate hearings, which include bail settings, arraignments, drivers's license suspensions, examining trials, stolen and seized property hearings.

Additionally, Justice of the Peace perform inquest on deaths that occur when not attended by a physician.

Justice of the Peace Courts collect fines for criminal cases filed.

The duty of the Justice of the Peace Courts is to assist you in any way possible, but the rules of the Judicial Ethics prohibits the court from giving legal advice, telling either party how to present their case or expressing opinions of law. The Judge and court clerks can only answer questions of general nature and court procedure.
Please be advised that the law prohibits a judge from communicating with you prior to trial about your pending case or a case that you may file.

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Mark Holt,
Justice of the Peace

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