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August 2009 Internet Vehicle Registration Renewal to Begin in Walker County

Residents of Walker County now have another way of renewing their vehicle registration. Beginning Tuesday, August 11th, motorists can bypass the lines and the stamps and head straight to their keyboards. Online registration renewal will be available at or you can link to it from the Walker County web site, .

"This web site gives our customers one more way of interacting with us," said Diana McRae, Walker County Tax Assessor-Collector. "Residents will be able to renew their registration when it's convenient for them, day or night."

This online service is limited to vehicle owners who have received a Registration Renewal Notice from the Texas Department of Transportation. The registration must be due within 90 days but cannot be expired. Current liability insurance coverage is also required, and there cannot be any traffic warrants or other questionable notations on the motor vehicle record. Emissions compliance is also required where applicable.

Motorists who renew via the Internet will be asked to enter a minimal amount of information, including their address, their vehicle, insurance coverage, and the credit card they will use for payment. The Walker County Tax Office will then process the information to ensure that all requirements are met. It will take tax office staff approximately two business days to process an approved online transaction and mail the renewal sticker to the customer. Site users will pay a nonrefundable $2 service fee and a $1 county mail-processing fee for the service.

The web site also allows registered vehicle owners to change the recipient address for their registration renewal notice. There is no fee charged for this service and it is available to all registered vehicle owners regardless of their county of residence.

"We're excited to join the other counties that are already a part of this program," said Diana McRae. Currently, internet registration renewal has been implemented in 162 out of the 254 counties in Texas .

For more information, please call the Vehicle Registration Department at (936) 436-4950.

Diana L. McRae

Tax Assessor-Collector